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I - Style

 Kanagawa prefecture Yokosuka city There are

   many pro athletes in Oppama. Acupuncture and

 moxibustion hospital.

 The concept is two.

 1. Unprecedented clinic to become a topic.

 I feel that the image of a traditional clinic like

 "closed" "hard to enter" is strong. In other words,

 doctor's office is exactly "where sick people

 come". Treatment requires both body and mind.

 For that reason, we aim to make the patient a

 comfortable space, a space to forget the time.

 - I peeped in and it enters -

 People passing by, big glass jumps into our

 eyes. I will peek into the hospital. In addition, the

 appearance has become a fashionable design

 like a cafe.

 - Openness feeling -

 There is no wall to the ceiling in the hospital,

 opening is also sufficiently provided, natural light

 gently comes in, so it is very bright and warm


 2. Gaze.

 The concept of Mr. Director "Treatment suited

 to each patient". It must also be a place where

 such treatment can be done about space. For

 that reason, I was sticking to my gaze.

 - Patient 's gaze -

 In order to eliminate the feeling of pressure on

 the wall, the height of the wall partitioning the

 space is 1.4 m, the patient feeling open to

 rehabilitation, the effect of bringing a feeling of

 a room to the patient being treated expected to

 be expected I can do it.

  - Passenger's gaze -

 The passenger's line of sight has to be made not  to feel the narrowness of the site. Therefore,  there is no obstructing thing to passerby's gaze level, it will make you feel the size.

- The line of sight of the director / staff -

In order to eliminate the badness of service collaboration, service coordination can be realized by a wall of 1.4 m partitioning the space, like a studio which stands when you look to the staff who are standing, and looks at the whole staff.


鍼灸院 アイスタイル



1. 話題になる従来にない治療院。



 - 覗き込んでしまい、つい入ってしまう -


   - 開放感 -


2. 視線。


 - 患者様の視線 -


 - 通行人の視線 -


 - 院長・職員の視線 -



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