Team baobab

The creative group which was formed by Sakai Osamu, Naoki Suzuki, Satsuki Sakai, Masashi Saito, Mayumi Masuda, Ayako Onozato and others.

On the basis of a building, a design, eating and drinking,

Through "a new 『💡』" that various genres including an artist and the musician cross and are born,

We return it to daily life.

Though the tree of baobab is slightly odd, but it is cool and individual.

You cannot forget after seeing it once. It’s remains in my heart. We aim at such a group !!



Team baobab








A w a r d




Good Design Award 2016







 C o m p a n y  P r o f i l e



baobab inc.

Adress. 2095-5, Katsuragi, Sakura-city, Tochigi 329-1413 Japan

TEL. & FAX. 028-615-7558

Mail. info@baobab-jpn.comTel.  +81-28-612-8132 Fax. +81-283-48-2418


Please contact me by not hesitate to following mail or telephone consultation , such as design and design .

In addition , the Company , for those who are considering your request , we have sent the company guidance noted "baobab style", such as a detailed business content .

If you would like please request at the following e-mail or telephone .



Business content

1. Planning of construction, design, supervision and building

  Housing (private house (Atelier both use housing, a duplex house and dwelling with store are included.) and villa collective housing, etc.)

  Commercial establishment (monohan, beauty salon and restaurant office hotel, etc.)

  Cultural facilities (art gallery art museums and concert halls, etc.)

  Educational facilities (school in the 'miscellaneous' category, kindergarten and personal education, etc.)

  Welfare facility (hospitals, medical offices, homes for the aged and day care centers, etc.)

2. Planning of an event, contract, management and operation

  Planning of all kinds' event, contract, management and operation

3. Planning of a solution, contract, management and operation

  Area regional plan (investigation, the grand total vision, master concept and master plan, etc.)

4. Interior planning, design, supervision and building

  Housing and interior of commerce, culture, education and a welfare facility

5. Design making of furniture and sale

6. Planning at the restaurant and operation

7. Planning of an outside appearance, design, supervision and building

8. Vegetable sale

9. Sale of a camp gear

10. The sale by which accessaries are miscellaneous goods

11. Investigation, planning, design and supervision to the use and the plan related to each previous item

12. The total business attendant in each previous item



社名.            株式会社baobab

所在地.         〒329-1413  栃木県さくら市葛城2095-5

                 TEL / FAX. 028-615-7558

代表取締役.  酒井 理

設立.             2014å¹´7月


                 1. 建築の企画・設計・監理・施工






                 2. イベントの企画・請負・管理・運営


                 3. ソリューションの企画・請負・管理・運営


                 4. インテリアの企画・設計・監理・施工


                 5. 家具のデザイン・製作・販売

                 6. 飲食店の企画・運営

                 7. 外構の企画・設計・監理・施工

                 8. 植物の販売

                 9. キャンプギアの販売

                 10. アクセサリー等雑貨の販売

                 11. 前各項に関連する用途や構想に対する調査・企画・設計・監理

                 12. 前各項に付帯する一切の業務


                 一級建築士事務所: 栃木県知事登録 第A3630号

                 建設業: 栃木県知事(般-2)第24543号


                 NO NAME CAFE さくら店

                 〒329-1413 栃木県さくら市葛城2099

                 Tel. / Fax. 028-615-7548


                 NO NAME CAFE 静ヒルズ店

                 〒319-2106 茨城県那珂市静1678静ヒルズホテル1F


                LOUNGE NONAME  氏家駅前店

                〒329-1311 栃木県さくら市氏家1851-1

                Tel. 070-8904-3746


                 baobab GREEN FKD宇都宮店

                 〒321-0962 栃木県宇都宮市今泉町237FKD宇都宮店2F


                 baobab  フリースペース 宇都宮駅ビルPASEO2F

                 〒321-0965 栃木県宇都宮市川向町1番23号










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